Humans: Most Morbidly Fascinating Bullshitters in the Universe (probably)

Meanwhile, on Earth: massive mounds of  malodorous bullshit. Everywhere. Including the verbal-diarrheal variety just spewing from mouths and devices all over the world. I seriously love how mere mortal humans have figured out how to make it possible for all us occupants of earth to produce so much digital bullshit as well. To share with anyone who happens to find it (accidentally or by cyber-stalking). Humans might just be the most proficient bullshit-geysers in the entire universe. We might be the only any-kind-of-shit-spewing-geysers in the UNIVERSE. I, myself, am convinced we have an audience somewhere out there, and they’re probably morbidly fascinated with our unique Human brand of asininity, delusions of grandeur, and the incredible ease with which we make am ass of ourselves and even more so how often we don’t realize it until it’s too late and on the visual-buffet that is the interwebs or invaded someone’s brain-space via the aural route, IF we ever realize it at all. IF alien beings across the Universe, or even extra-dimensional beings, are able to see it somehow, at any rate, and surely they can and they do because they didn’t spend as much time on the pure trivial kinds of crap humans do. Maybe their fascination is mainly due to our dedication to such things.

 I’m patting myself on the back right now because I am making two kinds of shit simultaneously right now. The digital b.s. kind and the regular poop-it-in-the-toilet kind. It is amazing how inspiring shit can be.  Especially if you have pica and love to eat crayons.