Humans: Most Morbidly Fascinating Bullshitters in the Universe (probably)

Meanwhile, on Earth: massive mounds of  malodorous bullshit. Everywhere. Including the verbal-diarrheal variety just spewing from mouths and devices all over the world. I seriously love how mere mortal humans have figured out how to make it possible for all us occupants of earth to produce so much digital bullshit as well. To share with […]

Being an astronaut means diaper rash? Never had I thunk it…

It never really occurred to me that astronauts must wear diapers while they’re sealed into their space-suits! This wasn’t taught in school, well, not in any of the schools in which I was an inmate, at any rate. None of my teachers were cool enough to discuss space poo’ing. 😦 I’m very dissapointed, especially with […]