The Temple of Sound 

In the Temple of Sound Where the lost  Came to be found By the science Whose clever facade Used the power of sound To chill them As if it were the breath of God And gifts of aural and visual wonder Were bestowed and thoughts unusual Were born inside them Inspired by the science Whose […]

Words for Your Fury

Your fallen Angel Masquerade  You disengage Now and then Your eyes filled With fury For your lack of time I saw right through them then I see through you now And you see me lost For what you allowed To become of you… You’re….just…gone… Penned many soft white words Just for you Whispered them at […]


Rosalia, Are you dreaming? Are you now unafraid of the dark? Be at ease, sweet girl. You are eternal.   Rosalia, There are no more worries for you  So perfectly preserved  I can almost hear you laughing.    Rosalia, The others are jealous…. They rot… Yet you do not….