The Temple of Sound 

In the Temple of Sound Where the lost  Came to be found By the science Whose clever facade Used the power of sound To chill them As if it were the breath of God And gifts of aural and visual wonder Were bestowed and thoughts unusual Were born inside them Inspired by the science Whose […]

Words for Your Fury

Your fallen Angel Masquerade  You disengage Now and then Your eyes filled With fury For your lack of time I saw right through them then I see through you now And you see me lost For what you allowed To become of you… You’re….just…gone… Penned many soft white words Just for you Whispered them at […]

New Owners of Home With Dead Lady in Attic Wall Better Detectives than Detective Inspector 

Police Detective Jason Fay said the new owners were a bit worried because of the body. “Was it someone who was killed and stuffed in the wall, or did they accidentally pass away by ending up in the wall?” he said. Really, detective? It must have been such intense suspense and indescribably enlightening to have been […]

Humans: Most Morbidly Fascinating Bullshitters in the Universe (probably)

Meanwhile, on Earth: massive mounds of  malodorous bullshit. Everywhere. Including the verbal-diarrheal variety just spewing from mouths and devices all over the world. I seriously love how mere mortal humans have figured out how to make it possible for all us occupants of earth to produce so much digital bullshit as well. To share with […]

Being an astronaut means diaper rash? Never had I thunk it…

It never really occurred to me that astronauts must wear diapers while they’re sealed into their space-suits! This wasn’t taught in school, well, not in any of the schools in which I was an inmate, at any rate. None of my teachers were cool enough to discuss space poo’ing. 😦 I’m very dissapointed, especially with […]


Rosalia, Are you dreaming? Are you now unafraid of the dark? Be at ease, sweet girl. You are eternal.   Rosalia, There are no more worries for you  So perfectly preserved  I can almost hear you laughing.    Rosalia, The others are jealous…. They rot… Yet you do not….