This is Emily Alice Grey’s bloggy-thingy. In this bloggy-thingy, you will find something that resembles poetry and prose, and images resembling art, and various forms of brain barf. 

About Emily…The UNmuse, Emily Alice Grey is not the UNmuse but  an UNmuse.   She is  an UNmuse and not the UNmuse because there is nothing terribly special about the poor creature. She is just one among many UNmuses though she does not keep the company of other UNmuses because she lives like a hermit. She does not live like a hermit for aesthetic or spiritual reasons. Emily lives like a hermit because it is much easier than wearing pants or trying (in vain, of course) to amuse anyone.  Most importantly though, Emily lives like a hermit because there is a madman wielding a scythe who has been after her ever since she was conceived, and she would rather just stay safely at home within the confines of her bubble wrap-lined walls where all sharp corners and edges are covered with foam bumper pads. Emily does not own a single piece of silverware, or plastic eating utensils, so she’s pretty sure she will be safe from harm so long as she remembers to pretend to use the treadmill she doesn’t own on a daily basis.  She doesn’t have friends because friends spread their germs around and she will not tolerate anyone in her home nor will she allow a person to pass through the front gate unless that person is willing to bathe in a tin washtub filled with potent germicidal agents and will allow all garments and items on the person to be incinerated with great caution. It isn’t the people per se who prompt such requirements from her but the fact that anyone at all could, in fact be a meat puppet and assassin for some dubious government agency or even an “alien” or extra-dimensional being of some sort intent on her death via infectious diseases.


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