Almost Died Laughing

I am not very sure why, but jist a couple days ago, I hapoened to wonder what is the funniest thing Ive ever seen or heard? What has made me laugh until it became torturous to laugh any longer? I know there has been more than one occassion for sure, but only once ever have I laughed so hard and incessantly that I struggled to beg for someone to turn off the television.

I was watching Whose Line is it Anyway? If you aren’t familiar, its an improv comedy show starring Collin Mochrir, Wayne Brady, Ryan Stiles, and some other dudes and lady or two that get rotated out and also usually some guest celebrity. I don’t remember whuch episode it was particularly, and I’m not quite certqin what skit it was either, but it seems like it may have been a scene in which they were pretending to be ghosts in a sideways room or something like that…

I laughed so hard and so long ut was painful and I couldn’t breathe, and I barely made out the words and it took many attempts to say, “please! Turn it off! Turn it off!” I could not bear it any longer. I did honestly entertain the idea that I might just die right then if I didn’t stop laughing and I wouod he added to the short list of people who have literally died from laughter. Even after the tv was powered off, it took some time before I was abpe to calm down, stop laughing, and no joke: I laughed in short intermitent bursts for hours afterward.

I joked about suing the cast of Whose Line is it Anyway? For attempting to murder me. God bless them, they are some crazy funny and very skillfup masters of improv! I do believe they are quite underrated.


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