Writing,words, and faggots too.

What I love most about writing is the way it helps to collect my thoughts, make statements, make laughter, is therapeutic and builds understanding…the true wonder of language is how it literally shapes our perception of reality. Lacking certain words entails very little to no concept of certain features of reality. If you had never known the word blue and had no thought of it, how would you see blue? How would you describe blue if you had never knew such a word existed??  Dude, I won’t even pretend to know. Ancient Greek scholars and Homer, and even more shockingly: that one guy who was like the color scholar. He wrote extensively about color…these people never once in their writings mention the color blue.  They had no concept of the color blue. Because they did not yet have a word for it. Blue. Easy. Homer had described the sky as the color Amber and also likened it to the color of wine……colors came to us in stages. Celebrity Ancient Greek scholars were probably at yellow. First came red as it is the color of blood…and…wine…really, it’s no wonder we always envision ancient Greeks as being large, belligerent and boisterous drunkards gathering together in the vomitorium for their regularly scheduled hate-orgy and celebratory poetry slam and wrestle-your-gay-crush   closet-clinging ritual to appear more manly and not gay…Despite what you might be thinking (like, that’s just absurd! Wrestling is fact:  Gay as Fok.  The only people who will argue the point are in fact, gay and love wrestling and they know they’re gay as fok yet, still, they cling to it because their brains have not evolved as quickly as the rest of the global population has…they are not advanced enough to just kick the fokn closet door down and own their faggotry.
Faggots are so in-style.  Faggot is the new black.  The easiest way to be “cool” is to just admit you’re a queer!  The sooner you leave the closet the cooler you are. Gay is automatically accepted in the cool-crowd, but generally speaking, the more flamboyant and proud to be a queer you are the better.  Everyone wants sassy gay friends.  They’re the top-trending must-have accessory now. Duh. We love you, faggots. Seriously).


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