Open letter to the Seeing-people: bugger off! 

Open letter to people who can see stuff:

To anyone whose eyes function as they’re intended to:
     Why, I wonder, do you filthy little animals with your seeing eyes feel the need to touch things? Isn’t it good enough to simply see things?  Just because a thing is there and you can see it doesn’t mean you must also grope it with your germ-infested disease spreading hands.  

      I heard someone ask today, Why do signs featuring Braille writing say, ‘Do Not Touch’?  Maybe a lot of you people who can see have asked either silently in your thoughts or in casual conversation with your friends who also see with their eyes. I’m going to tell you why Braille signs state to not touch them….

      Those Braille signs do not want you to touch them only if you can see to read with your eyes that it is written on the sign, DO NOT TOUCH! So if you can see the sign to read it just don’t touch it. It is not for you people win your functional eyes to fondle and grope and dirty it up with your seeing-person germs. 

      The signs are there only for those who lack the ability to see the words, who also cannot see the signs. Only the superhumans, most commonly referred to as “visually impaired” or “blind” may rightfully touch the signs.  It is a bit like adding injury to insult for a seeing-person to touch the signs because you get them all germified by doing so and the “visually impaired” already cannot see, why cause them to become infected with your seeing-oersonr influenzas or your RSV or any other illnesses which could be contracted just because you can’t keep your filthy little hands off Braille signs, or anything else for that matter…..just…stop…touching things!
     I bet you’re also now wondering what makes the visually impaired person superhuman and I’ll tell you now:

The visually impaired are superhuman because all of their other senses are heightened. Far beyond that of any of yours! Therefore, they’re advanced. And way better than any of you seeing-people. They’re the gods among all us mere mortals!




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