Love & Misery B.F.F.

Love and Misery often walk
hand in hand, leaving
only damages in their wake.
The two together bind and sever Hearts, minds, souls and hopeless fools
Who never thoroughly consider
just what they’re in for.
Love and Misery share stories
and laughs. They make light
of the unique suffering
Which they, together, cause.
Love never walks very far alone, And Misery meets her halfway,
and they traverse the world
in search Of minds to corrupt
and souls to burn out
of their cages.
The two, on the job,
sometimes cannot be distinguished,
as they work in synchronization.
But Love has fallen Ill
and soon shall die,
And Misery will weep for her loss:
Her most generous companion
To return to the stars
And Misery will no longer be invited, Nor have a place
in any home.
Misery will be forever shunned
and alone. Without Love,
there simply isn’t a reason
to keep Misery as a guest.
No one ever liked her, anyway.


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