Happy Travels…

I’ve travelled through Madness just to get completely lost in it because there’s no goddamned MAP! Who in hell is responsible for this? No map! Not even some sort of guide to navigate it!–No book. Not one person here knows where he is going or even from whence he came! Even god is deaf and blind and dumb, especially to any of the poor fools who wander too far into this muck….look at my shoes! All you see is feet because my shoes….they’re just…gone! My shoes got stuck in the thickest stickiest mud I’ve ever trudged through….ever….!
That was thousands of miles and years ago so I’ve not a clue where they are exactly, but if you come across them…..you should probably take them with you because you will lose your own shoes if you haven’t already by the time you find them, and if your feet aren’t way too big or small, you can wear mine once you get to the mass of red hot rocks. Be very cautious though because I’m pretty sure these rocks are only as red hot as they are because there’s a giant fire-breathing lizard who also pisses acid somewhere in the vicinity…..I’m not sure how I got over such a hot mess with no shoes….aside from I must be like Jesus or something but not a dude….So maybe more like Ishtar or some chick who was all godlike (or maybe she just had really thick skin and no pain receptors)….all I can say is good luck when the bottoms of those shoes burn up. Unless you’re Icarus.–Icarus can just fly right over that shit. Happy travels, you silly bastards!
If you see Kali, please tell her I’m very thirsty. I hear she has an endless supply of demon blood in her veins. She owes me. Tell her that.
Emily Alice


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